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Drone by the hour | Drone photography and video in Boston


FAA licensed and Fully Insured for commercial drone operations


Drone by the hour is Boston’s premiere drone photography and video company. With years of experience, fully FAA compliant and insured, we operate with flying cameras shooting up to 4k 30fps to larger crafts to fit your budget and needs. Operating throughout Massachusetts and New England, Drone by the hour specializes in high resolution drone aerial photography and videography, 2D/3D modeling for:

  • Architects/engineers and designers
  • Boating
  • Building inspections (visual, thermal and 3D)
  • Commercial/residential real estate and land sales, floor height panoramas
  • Events
  • Ground photography of all types
  • Hotels, golf courses and resorts
  • Inspections and structural engineering
  • Live aerial video feeds in 1080p, youtube or facebook live supported
  • Mapping/Surveying
  • Renewable energy companies
  • Sporting events
  • TV/Film/Web Video production
  • Weddings

New services!

  • In house video production! Produce video’s of all types at very competitive rates with our in house video producer
  • Aerial and ground time-lapses
  • Virtual tours and 360VR on the ground and in the air! 360 video and images for many use types!
  • 3D Maps and 3D models (point cloud, DTM, contour and texture mesh digital models, various outputs supported)



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